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This book is the answer to the question the Maestro is asked over and over by adult beginning bass players and private and public school music teachers of young students.  Simply put, “how do I help my students  (or myself) write good bass lines?  Where to begin?
This beginner’s guide takes you step by step through the process of writing bass lines, and clearly shows you all the choices of notes you have to work with.  

The first part of the book explains the system and the unusual format it takes.  This is followed by three of Mr. Carter’s compositions as examples, with chord tone changes, rhythm changes and non-chord tone changes.

But here’s the beauty part:  For each song, and each set of changes, the pages are cut in half (like a Dutch Door), so you can flip back and forth and mix and match sections of each song.  Rhythm with chord tone, non-chord tones with chord tone changes, etc.
Finally, there is a worksheet section where the students, using the system they just learned, can make their own, unique note choices – and mix and match their bass lines with Mr. Carter’s choices.

What’s more, there are QR codes that link to audio files of Mr. Carter playing each of those bass lines so the student knows what it should sound like.
This simple system, developed by Ron Carter over his 60 years in jazz, is the most basic explanation of the same system Mr. Carter uses himself, albeit at a much more advanced level.

And, as always, Mr. Carter is available to answer any questions teachers may have, through this website or on facebook @roncartermusic.

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