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Books, Methods & Merchandise

Here is a selection of books and methods to help musicians of all levels and instruments improve their playing.

Ron Carter Merchandise

Ron Carter's Comprehensive Bass Method

Ron Carter’s Comprehensive Bass Method
Learn from one of the most original, prolific and influential bassists in jazz history. Ideal for both upright and electric bass. Perfect for bass players and teachers alike.

Ron Carter Song Book

The Ron Carter Songbook
136 pages of Ron Carter’s best tunes. Includes Little Waltz, Eighty-One and 117 more. Perfect for bass players and teachers alike.

The Art Of Ron Carter

The Art of Ron Carter
Transcriptions and analysis of selected bass lines 1963-1967. A comprehensive insight to the musical style of the most recorded bassist in the history of jazz. Invaluable information for any bass player who wants to make progress as a musician.

Ron Carter Scores

Cello, Violin, Viola
Full score for Viola and 4 Cellos. 4 pieces written and arranged by Ron Carter. The following 4 separate scores and parts are currently available:
Loose Change: 4 Cellos
Desert Winds: 4 Cellos
2+1=4: Cello, Violin, Viola
Serenade: 4 Cellos, Viola

The Music of Ron Carter Behind The Changes

Behind the Changes
For the first time, Ron Carter puts down on paper what he has been doing instinctively for over 50 years. How he comes up with all those famous walking bass lines.

Ron Carter Meets Bach

Ron Carter Meets Bach
Ron Carter arrangements of 13 JS Bach compositions for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 basses

Ron Carter's Big Band Arrangements

Ron Carter’s Big Band Charts
10 tunes written by Ron Carter and arranged by Bob Freeman. Full conductor’s scores printed 17x11. All parts printed 8 1/2 x 11

Ten Big Band Jazz Ron Carter Compositions

Ron Carter’s Big Band Charts
10 tunes written by Ron Carter and arranged by Rich DeRosa. Full conductor’s scores printed 17x11. All parts printed 8 1/2 x 11

Ron Carter Baseball Cap

Ron Carter Baseball Cap
100% cotton. One size fits all – adjustable strap in back


Finding The Right Notes Autobiography Book

Finding the Right Notes – Paperback. 448 pages
Ron Carter’s inspirational biography. Ron Carter’s autobiography. Written by Dan Oulette. Paperback. 448 pages

Finding The Right Notes

Finding the Right Notes – USB Audio Book
The latest, updated edition of Ron Carter’s inspirational biography. Read by the maestro himself, with musical intros to each chapter.
Wallet card style 16GB USB. Stainless steel look with Mr. Carter’s printed autograph.

Running Time: 12 hours seven minutes



Building Jazz Bass Lines

Building Jazz Bass Lines
In this book/online audio access pack, bass legend Ron Carter illustrates step by step the basic concepts of creating bass lines; constructing lines using non-harmonic tones and diverse rhythms; playing in fast tempos; and developing tone and pitch. Includes online audio access using the unique code printed in the book with an all-star rhythm section and isolated bass parts, so players can listen to Ron play the sample written lines, practice them with the audio tracks, then create their own lines with the guitar, piano and drums backing them up.
Sold out.




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