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Ron Carter, the icon of how to write jazz bass lines, has now re-invented the way transcriptions are written.  The method is called “Chartography” and musicians will be in awe of how much they can learn when studying this completely new innovation.

This is the first book that explains ALL the factors that go into what has made the greatest bass lines in history so great. And that is CONTEXT.  

This book transcribes 5 performances of Autumn Leaves, as played by Miles Davis’ Second Quartet, during 1963-1967.
It shows you the original changes and then how they evolved over time.

By looking at how a bass line evolved over multiple choruses and performances, you will understand that a one-chorus transcription cannot help a bass player find out how that bass line was actually built. much less how to write one like it himself.

Transcription of Ron Carter's bass line on Autumn Leaves.

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