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Chartography - Reinvented Transcriptions

Chartography – Reinvented Transcriptions

Ron Carter, the icon of how to write jazz bass lines, has now re-invented the way transcriptions are written.  The method is called "Chartography" and musicians will be in awe of how much they can learn when studying this completely new innovation.This is the first...
Ron Carter Receives the SATCHMO™ Award

Ron Carter Receives the SATCHMO™ Award

LOUIS ARMSTRONG INTERNATIONAL CONTINUUM Symposium | Friday, April 9, 2021“SATCHMO” Award 2021 recipient Sir Ron CarterInterviewed by David Chevan during a the virtual ceremony of the 2021 Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.
Foursight vol. 1 Double Vinyl

New “Foursight” Double Album Audiophile Edition – 180 Gram Vinyl

This ambitious record is a must-have for vinyl enthusiasts and all Ron Carter fans plus it's the perfect holiday gift.It was recorded live in Sweden on 11/17/2018 by the Ron Carter quartet.Features Renee Rosnes (piano) Payton Crossley (Drums) Jimmy Greene (sax) and...
From The Bottom Up

From The Bottom Up

In-depth interviews by author Gui Duvignau with seven master bassists exploring how they developed their own unique sound, how they maintain their individuality while functioning within the unit that is a band, their sense of...
Mix & Match - Ron Carter's Beginner's Guide to Creating Great Bass Lines

Mix & Match – Ron Carter’s Beginner’s Guide to Creating Great Bass Lines

This book is the answer to the question the Maestro is asked over and over by adult beginning bass players and private and public school music teachers of young students.  Simply put, "how do I help my students  (or myself) write good bass lines? ...
Downbeat Magazine Interview with Ron Carter

Ron Carter’s Bass Lines ‘Connect the Dots’

Ron Carter discusses How His Connect the Dots System Helps to Empower Bassists. DownBeat Magazine recently caught up with Carter and asked him to discuss how his Connect the Dots system helps to empower bassists and keeps them from becoming “stuck.”Carter...

I think that the bassist is the quarterback in any group,

and he must find a sound that he is willing to be responsible for.

In My Own Words

My responsibility as a bassist and band leader is using every opportunity to create spectacular music.

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Mr. Carter’s upcoming appearances around the globe, whether as sideman or as leader of his own band(s).

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The best place to start is by listening to … the masters, like Ron Carter and Ray Brown; they wrote the book on walking.
– John Patitucci (Bass Player Magazine, July 2015)

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