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We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.  ― John F. Kennedy


Mr. carter thanks all the photographers who have kindly allowed
their art to be included.

  • Arthur Elgort
  • Yasuhisa Yoneda
  • Wolfgang Gonaus
  • Kunihiro Takuma
  • Takehiko Tokiwa

Mr. Carter extends his appreciation to all the cinematographers who
have kindly allowed us to include their footage.

Website Design

This website was designed and produced by Orlando Haddock.
To see and learn more about his work, please visit http://ohaddock.com.

Special Thanks

Mr. Carter is grateful to all the talented people who helped in the making
of this site, including:

  • Barbara Hanning
  • Joanne Jimenez
  • Sergio Larios